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Canvas Club is now on Spotify!

When life gets going, sometimes the best solution is to make a playlist. So we went ahead and made a whole collection!

1. Quiet Beats for When You’re Feeling Like a K-Drama Main Character

Do you ever watch your favorite K-Drama characters stress out over their workload and think “Same.”? This playlist is jam-packed with K-Drama scores to help you immerse yourself in those main character vibes.

2. Vitamin B(eats)

In need of a pick-me-up? Skip the caffeine and get a dose of our Vitamin B(eats)! This is the perfect mix of your favorite pop hits to pair with an impending deadline, a rigorous workout, anytime you need the extra energy.

3. Tunes for When You’re Out on a Walk

Wise men say, “I would walk 500 miles,”– and this playlist is the perfect companion on that journey. Listen for some fun, joyful tunes that match the beat of your every step.

4. Casual Coffee Shop

Sometimes the best pairing with a smooth cup of coffee are some equally smooth tunes. Casual Coffee Shop is our playlist for pure instrumental, jazzy beats that rest easy on the ears and keep you motivated to get through that reading.

5. Songs to Start Your Day

The sun’s shining, birds are chirping, there’s Lo-Fi music playing in the background? This playlist is the perfect, gentle greeting for the day to come.

6. Beats for Productivity

More often than not, the best cure for a mind block is a good playlist. Beats for Productivity is the best mix of Lo-Fi tunes to get your mind juices flowing.


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