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Dapper Dads and the Different Things they bring on the Daily

Dads come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they work a 9-5, oftentimes they work ‘round the clock to keep the household chores and chaos at bay.But always as it seems, dads bring out the best in all of us.

Cheers to dad, the man-of-the-hour, and what they bring on the daily!

The Round-the-Clock Corpo Dad in Mailman Sling

what's inside the bag of corporate dad

Though he may seem to be always on company time, his best and most valued time is with the family. He toggles with the iPad and stationery as there might be some work agenda he’s on to. This Corpo Dad is a master communicator and needs to keep all the business cards he collects with a trust card holder best kept in the pockets of the Mailman Sling.

The Geek-Kid-Inside Dad in Messenger Tote

what's inside bag of geek dad

The way to his heart is the new Marvel movie. At times he stashes any of his proud collectible or his 92781th fidget spinner in the Messenger Tote. He always has funny magic tricks up his sleeves. You’re thinking, he might be your very own Phil Dunphy. You’re always ready to smile though when you’re with the Geek-Kid-Inside-Dad, because his camera is his best friend.

The Handy-Dandy Dad in Mailman Sling

what's inside bag of dad

The Handy-Dandy dad is on-call, 24/7. Plumbing issues? Easy. Kitchen woes? Done. He’s really your go-to person whether or not something in your life needs fixing. There’s really nothing he and his toolkit in the Mailman Sling can’t do.

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