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Meet Sherine

Sherine is a 31-year-old Virtual Admin Assistant and Event Coordinator, mother of six (five dogs and a daughter), and traveller! She describes herself as a risk-taker as she goes on her adventures on both land and sea, by either motorcycling or backpacking.

Read more here about how Sherine takes her Canvas in every new journey she takes!

About Me

Sherine Bernadette Awitan / 31 years old / Virtual Admin Assistant and Event Coordinator

Describe a day in your life

If you will join me in "a day in my life", you must love dogs hahaha. I usually start my day by feeding my dogs, by the way they are five, :) and some cuddles.

I love multitasking and traveling whether it be by a motorcycle or backpacking. I enjoy both land and water, I always tell myself that I should try something new every time because I am not always young and capable. By the way, I am a mother of a 14-year-old girl who also loves traveling and dressing up.

What’s your personal mantra?

"If you feel like giving up always remember why you’ve started", life quote. ❤️

What’s your favorite Canvas item?

My favorite Canvas item is the Mailman Sling bag. Actually, I am planning to buy the smaller version. It is so spacious, so simple, and I can pair it with anything to wear. I always bring my Canvas Club bag to the mall, when we're riding, traveling, almost everywhere.

How do you make your Canvas yours?

I make my Canvas mine by having it along my journey as a traveller, risk-taker and mother of 6 (my daughter and my 5 dogs )

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