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#SustainabilitySaturdays Entry 02: Fashionable AND Sustainable

Fashion is fun. We can’t deny the endorphin rush we get when buying a new piece, or a haul entirely. Nevertheless, actions will always merit consequences– and the fashion industry is the third biggest contributor to pollution! So, today, we’ll be talking about some simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint while staying cute and stylish!

Buy Local!

When you buy from imported sources, shipping the products will consume a lot of energy and contribute to greenhouse gases. Through buying local, not only do you get to support your local businesses, but help save the world!

Buy less, buy better

One of the most important steps to shopping more sustainably is to stop shopping altogether. By investing in products with better quality, you’re ensuring that the pieces you buy won’t go to waste.

Air dry

Even small actions like air drying instead of using a machine dryer creates an impact! Air drying not only saves up on energy, but also helps retain the quality of your clothes!

Use cold water

Some clothes call for cold water during their washes– and this not only is great for the quality of your clothes but for the environment too! By using cold water, you’re saving tons of energy!


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