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Why Canvas?

If we were to pick something that would make Canvas Club unique, it would definitely be our choice of canvas as a central fabric! But among all the choices of fabrics, why did we choose Canvas? Join us as we delve into the woven threads of Canvas Club!

Canvas was originally made from hemp, unlike the 100% cotton we use in the Canvas Club bags today. However, in 1500 BC, Indian fabric makers began weaving cotton into canvas fabric. The woven texture is unique to other fabrics you find in different kinds of bags. The thick yarns used in weaving allows for the sturdiness and durability found in your Canvas today!

We can see canvas used for all kinds of purposes– paintings, tents, boat sails, and more! In this case, why did we decide to use it specifically for the Canvas Club products?

Canvas is a very durable fabric.

It can withstand many years of use, through rain or shine. It is because of this that it is the makings of our everyday go-to bags!

Canvas is a multifunctional fabric which uses go beyond bags!

Canvas can be used for outerwear, shoes, and the like. We use its versatility to spice up our range of products!

Canvas has a simplistic design that reflects Canvas Club’s minimalist tones.

With its simple look, it allows for easy personalizing and styling!

The canvas fabric holds a central piece in the Canvas Club identity. Just as its main functionalities rely on its durability and versatility, Canvas Club aims to become a part of your daily life as you bring it anywhere you go!


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