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Cozied up in Canvas Club

Preppy and chilly mornings biking around the city

Chill are the mornings where you can take your bike around the city. We live for days like this especially when we get to wear a preppy outfit like a sweater with a collared shirt. Doesn’t it feel like this moment came straight out of a KDrama?

Smart casual back-to-office days

Back to the grind with a smart casual outfit for days where we choose to slay in the office. What’s city traffic when you’re looking good in a chic blazer you can bring along from morning meetings to night caps?

Cozy and comfy on an errand day

For days when the to-do list goes extra long, you would want a cozy and comfy all-day wear. Our best bet? A hoodie or jacket in your favorite color. Now you’re ready to take on the day.

Dressed up in denim for the weekend

Give yourself credit for working a long and tiring week. Dress it up in denim on your days off. Plus points if you can get creative with pins and beads you’ve gathered a long time ago!

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