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Give a Little Love: A Guide on How to Take Care of your Canvas Club Bags

The more you love something, the more it shows.

Scratches, folds, and ruggedness are normal and even add character to your favorite Canvas bags. Whether you proudly wear them daily or take them out only on special occasions, it pays to know how to give proper love and care.

We round up a few ways to use your Canvas bag for longer (and better!):


Store in a dry place at room temperature to prevent dirt or bacteria from growing on the bag while not in use.

Spot clean.

Use a wet towel with a mild soap/detergent and gently wipe off the dirt on the bag. Do not scrub too fast or too hard as this could ruin the material and cause the stain to spread.


If you need to wash the whole bag, please hand-wash only and use a mild detergent. For products with metal hardware, wash the part with fabric only. Do not bleach.

After washing, do not wring. Air-dry only to keep the bag's shape.

What are your ways to give your Canvas bag extra TLC?


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