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ICYMI: Canvas Club has got a new packaging!

canvas club packaging sleeve

Here’s something new with our classic Canvas Club bag: its new multi-purpose packaging. We’ve got a couple of ideas on how you can have fun with yours!

Laptop Sleeve

It’s the first thing that comes to mind! We tried to fit our 13-inch Macbook Pro and it’s a snug fit. Say goodbye to dirt and dents on your beloved workspace.

Book Stasher

If you’re a book lover, lucky you! The new packaging is spacious and can fit all sizes and shapes of your next read. Trust us, you can even fit two or three pocketbooks in there!

Tablet Case

Thinking of where to keep your tablet which matches your Canvas bag? Fret no more. Use it as a tablet case to keep your tablet safe from curious eyes.

Tech Gear Bag

We get it, you’re the type to bring everything wherever you go–may it be for fun or focused work. The new packaging can fit them all: from pocket-sized ear buds to portable keyboard mixers!

Journal Keeper

If you’re out and about and want to keep your important notes secured, use the new packaging as space for your notebook and a few of your crafty tools. To complete the look, you can even add patches and buttons to make it as unique as you.

Just Because Pouch

For when you never know if you need an extra set of clothes in the middle of the day. The new packaging’s your best bet to carry all your essential and emergency go-to’s.

What are you using yours for? Get creative and share with us by tagging @canvas__club on Instagram!

This pouch is used as packaging for the following products: Basic Canvas, Daily Canvas, Messenger Tote, Casual Canvas, and Easy Sling.


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