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Meet Aira Shane

Meet this part-time YouTuber, full-time 4th year college student with a love for Kpop and all things minimalist! Aira Shane is a lifestyle content creator and our newest addition to the Canvas Club. Her channel features the prettiest daily vlogs and her study content is bound to keep you motivated.

Here, she talks about her day-to-day routines as a lifestyle content creator and about how Canvas Club fits as the perfect model for her vlogs!

1. About Me

Name: Aira Shane

Age: 20+

Profession: 4th year college

Social media handles:

@airstheticgtvn on instagram

Airsthetic Gtvn on Youtube

2. Describe a day in your life

Just like any typical homebody — I start my day by making my bed, make coffee for myself to awaken my sleepyhead then I’ll proceed to do my daily tasks like cleaning my room or desk, study, sleep, film/edit a vlog, watch k-drama, study again and the cycle repeats everyday.

3. Describe your personal style

Nowadays I’m into basic style, but I also get inspired by Ashley Garcia’s love for pastel, Jessica Vu’s soft girl style and Linh Truong’s aesthetic. They’re my style icon!

4. Share a productivity hack/secret

Not sure if this is a hack/secret… but to be productive, I make a to-do list for anything that I’m planning to do then I start early so that I can finish them as soon as possible.

5. Name an artist/band that you would like to soundtrack your life

This is a tough question coz I just can’t pick one, if ever I’ll be in a music video I want a soundtrack collab from EXO, BTS and Seventeen. That would be every multistan fangirls could ever dream of and the coolest song released if ever. Lol

6. What's your favorite Canvas item?

My Basic Canvas Bag and Taco Pouch because both products are spacious! The moment that I saw the bag pockets, I fell in love with it instantly (for my basic canvas bag - it can fit my iPad Air 4, medical books etc; Taco Pouch - it can fit my favorite lippie from Sunnies!) As a student who loves to bring a lot of stuff during study outs or anywhere but you also want to be fashionable on the other side, this Basic Canvas bag is made for us!

7. Why do you like using Canvas?

I love Canvas because of its quality. It has a lot of pockets! I can organize my things inside coz it has internal dividers — it can fit all of my essentials (including my 1L insulated bottle!) it’s durable, washable and lastly it can go with my style/aesthetic. Whether you’re into y2k, basic or cottagecore, their product designs are timeless!

8. How do you make Canvas yours?

I prefer my Canvas to be simple or minimalist — coz whenever I wear my Basic Canvas Bag I know I stand out in the crowd. 🤪


Watch Aira Shane's vlog feat. Canvas Club:

Canvas products mentioned:


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