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Meet Bria

Bria is a professional photographer and multimedia producer – or in her words, multimedia storyteller. She has done photo shoots for brands and personalities such as James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Hidilyn Diaz, Joshua Garcia, and Julia Barretto, to name a few.

Join us here as she talks about how her Canvas helps her bring around all her essentials, be it for photo shoots or just for hanging out with her friends at the cafe.

Name: Bria

Age: 28

Profession: Professional Photographer/Multimedia Producer

Instagram: @briacardenas

Describe a day in your life

As a homebody, I do house chores – clean the house, change bedsheets, do laundry, cook, name it. It’s kind of funny cause while I do the laundry, I watch techy stuff/tips about photography if I feel giddy or I just play BTS Island, Harvest Moon, or Call of Duty.

As a foodie, I also like trying new restaurants/café and going to different places.

But on a work day, I carry lights and backdrops, take portraits, listen, get to know my subjects, and lastly, do post-production.

I also guide our ATOMMic Team Leads at ATOMM Studios and meet our clients.

What's your personal mantra?

“Mata sa langit, paa sa lupa.”

Dream high, aspire, set lofty goals, but stay grounded.

Share a productivity hack/secret

Eat breakfast, drink coffee, and make a to-do list! At the end of the day, there’s a sense of fulfillment in checking the boxes.

Name an artist/band that you would like to soundtrack your life

TBH, I listen to a lot of artists. But what’s on my playlist whenever I feel down or happy are Switchfoot’s Learning To Breathe and Red Velvet’s Future. So maybe the two of them can collab for the soundtrack of my life? AHAHA Lol joke. Two different worlds like Coldplay and BTS’s My Universe.

Describe your personal style

A pair of good trousers and/or midi skirt paired with a plain and/or floral button-down with sneakers are my go-to. Color blocking or prints on prints. Sometimes I like to add a touch of bucket hat or beret too!

What's your favorite Canvas item?

My Messenger Tote Canvas! :) I can’t wait for my next purchase!

Why do you like using Canvas Club products?

For someone who’s always on-the-go, I like how it’s so durable and I can put a lot of things. On a normal day going to ATOMM Studios, I can bring my laptop. When I have a photog gig, I can put my camera bag in my canvas bag (LOL) or simply my camera with my lenses in a cushion I had customized.

Where do you usually take your Canvas Club bag?

When I hang out with my friends at a café, a regular shoot that doesn’t need for me to bring my big trolley bag, or in ATOMM Studios, of course!

How do you make your Canvas yours?

The tote is simple and minimalistic. I like it alone; I love how it just mixes with one’s personal style.


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Petron – Hidilyn Diaz and models PJ, Tiffany,

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