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Why the Messenger Tote is Strong and Mighty!

The Messenger Tote is Canvas Club’s biggest tote to date! Still, size isn’t the only feature that makes this bag such a daily staple.

The Messenger Tote comes with two straps, so you can wear it as a sling, tote bag, or even a handbag!

Ever have those days where you need to bring your entire workspace on the go? Fret not, whether it be for work, class, or anything of the like, the Messenger Tote’s got your back.

The Messenger Tote comes in four colors: Black, beige, rust, and oat! Any of these colors match well with all kinds of outfits, so you can pair them stress-free.

This bag comes with two large outer pockets, a large inner pocket, and a smaller inner pocket. You’ll never worry about mess again!


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