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Meet Gio

Meet this young brand manager who makes adulting seem easy — from managing his time between back-to-back Zoom meetings and organizing Excel sheets to spending time with his family, finding time to hang out (virtually!) with his friends, working out almost everyday, to still being able to squeeze in time for his other interests.

Here, we will see how Canvas Club perfectly fits Gio’s busy lifestyle — how he can smoothly switch it to use for work during weekdays to doing errands during his free time, and even to flaunt his fandoms and his geeky side. Gio assures his Canvas helps his hectic and serious (but fun!) adulting life.

1. About Me

Name: Gio Ignacio

Age: 27 years old

Profession: Brand Manager

Social media handles:

@giooignacio on Instagram

2. Describe a day in your life

I usually start my day with a work-out (just to keep my health and endorphins in check) before facing a grueling work week. Afterwards, my day just consists of Zoom meetings, hours on Excel sheets (sometimes Keynote to express a little of my creative juices), and braving non-stop Viber notifications (it’s a new kind of trauma unlocked for us adulting Millennials haha).

3. Describe your personal style?

I’m that basic dude who dons Uniqlo apparel from head to toe. But I’m also that guy who has dozens of Hawaiian polos in his closet.

4. Share a productivity hack/secret

In the corporate world, Microsoft Excel can be your best buddy or worst enemy. Excel hacks that we see online can save you a lot of time and I found this account on TikTok that shares all their tricks and tips: (@cheatsheet).

5. Name an artist/band that you would like to soundtrack your life

My friends know this, but my vibe has always been from the South Border-Side A-MYMP-Niña-Paolo Santos OPM era. With the occasional 90s-2000s R&B from Bone Thugz-N-Hamony, Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, Ne-Yo, and Chris Brown.

6. What's your favorite Canvas item?

The Basic Canvas! I have one in Black and Choco. Oh the number of things that you can fit in this bag! It’s not only spacious, but honestly very sturdy as well! It can support my 1 liter steel tumbler, in addition to my other heavyweights such as my MacBook Pro 13-inch, foldable laptop stand, and Nintendo Switch.

7. Why do you like using Canvas?

The design of Canvas bags suits both my laid back basic look, but also perfectly complements and tones down the loud prints that I sometimes wear. It’s also my go-to bag not only for work, but also for all of my errands.

It’s also my go-to bag not only for work, but also for all of my errands.

8. How do you make your Canvas yours?

I sometimes add keychains or pins to show off my fandoms and geeky side (Potterhead represent!), amidst this hectic and serious adulting life.

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