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Meet Joseph

Joseph is an entrepreneur and motorcycle enthusiast. At a young age with an Industrial Engineering background, he is running various businesses in auto, food, beverage, and fashion. Recently, along with his partners, he opened Atomm Studios, the first self-photo studio in the Philippines.

With a heart for adventure and thrill, Joseph enjoys going on rides with his motorcycle or bicycle. When he’s not busy with meetings, one can see him chasing adrenaline on his rides in the twisties of Sierra Madre, practicing latte art, or exploring coffee shops. His daily routine and favorite activities are reflective of his belief that even though life is tough, we have to endure, keep going, and just enjoy the ride.

As someone who is always up for any kind of adventure, he needs a bag that is reliable and durable enough to withstand whatever he faces on his trips. Here, he shows us where he takes his Canvas Club bags and how his favorite Mailman Sling makes for a great companion for all his business trips and adventures.

About Me

Name: Joseph Yaranon

Age: Age is just a number 🤣

Profession: Entrepreneur

Instagram: @josephyaranon

Describe a day in your life

It always starts with making a great cup of brewed coffee in the morning. Midday is usually for adventures that vary from motorcycle or bicycle rides to meet business partners or being at ATOMM Studios, and the day typically ends with dinner at home and a game of chess before bedtime.

Describe your personal style

I like to wear something that can go from important meetings to casual coffee runs. A polo shirt, jeans and skate shoes is my everyday wear.

Share a productivity hack/secret

Eat the Elephant one piece at a time.

Just Do it.

What's your favorite Canvas item?

Mailman Sling because it's small and compact.

Why do you like using Canvas?

It's functional. It gets the job done and it enables me to fit a number of essentials in one go. It's very important for me to have a bag that can handle day-to-day challenges on and off the road.

How do you make your Canvas yours?

I just use it the way it should be. I attach a keychain to make it unique. I always put an accessory in all my bags, usually a keychain bottle opener, keeping it simple and authentic.

Featured Canvas products:


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