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Meet Rome

Rome is a 20-year-old Communications Major at Ateneo de Manila University, and the newest member of the Canvas Club! As a student journalist, she writes for her school magazine, Vantage Magazine, and expresses herself through writing. In her free time, she likes exploring Singapore through cafe-hopping and playing video games.

Since she brings her whole life (her laptop) in her bag, Canvas has become an important part of Rome's day-to-day routines!

About Me

Rome / 20 / Communications Student

Describe a day in your life

My days at home usually just entail three things– get up, study, and play video games when I have time to rest.

What’s your personal mantra?

Get jiggy with it.

Describe your personal style

I try as much as possible to mix comfort with style by building on my basics. Nowadays, I’ve been really into Harajuku-streetwear type fashion! Most of the time though, I wear pretty simple stuff. My accessories do most of the work for me.

Share a productivity hack/secret

Take life one thing at a time and shut out thoughts that tell you whatever you're doing isn't enough.

Name an artist/band you would like to soundtrack your life

Tyler the Creator! But if I could, I’d mix a bit of Mitski in there too.

What’s your favorite Canvas item?
I usually bring my whole life in my bag, so the Basic Canvas is great for that!

Why do you like using Canvas products?

I love to organize things. Canvas products have so many pockets and it keeps all of my things neatly kept even when I’m on the go!

Where do you usually take your Canvas bag?

My Canvas bag is my perfect study companion! Whenever I go to cafes or co-working spaces, I always bring my Canvas bag.

How do you make your Canvas yours?

I’m trying to collect pins as I go. I like the minimalist feel of my Canvas bag, so I’ll only add a few.

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