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Meet Dianna

Dianna is a 28-year-old project manager remote worker who has the cutest desk setup. She also makes lifestyle vlogs that cover trips to pretty cafés, working from home, keyboards, and more! Make sure to check out her socials for clean aesthetics and good vibes.

Whether it be for work trips to the café or for carrying equipment for her vlogs, Canvas Club has become a part of her life!

About Me

Dianna, 28, Project Manager/Remote Worker

Describe a day in your life

I start my day with my devotional + prayer and maybe insert a workout if I’m not lazy. The rest of my day is spent at my desk working for two of my jobs while sipping matcha. I consume lots of silent vlogs, music, and kpop content in between. I also edit my vlogs and enjoy making content for my Instagram. 🤎

What's your personal mantra?

Mine would be “get better day by day”. It’s a phrase from the song Windflower by Mamamoo. I find it very comforting on days I feel really overwhelmed with life.

What's your personal style?

My personal style is everything, I guess? I like to try different things when it comes to that. So it depends on my mood, the weather… and my hormones.

Share a productivity hack/secret

Time blocking. I time block tasks depending on whether it will use more of my left or right brain. ;)

Name an artist/band you would like to soundtrack your life

Oh wow this is a tough one. For this, I’d choose Oh Wonder. I love their sound so much! Just imagining that feeling of listening to their music and lyrics about my life makes me really happy.

What’s your favorite Canvas item?

My Basic Canvas bag in Beige! I’m pretty sure many would agree that it’s an all-time favorite. It fits everything I need especially when I go out to work in cafés. I have my laptop, iPad, and vlogging stuff with me so I need all the space I can get. The Basic Canvas is a need!

Why do you like using Canvas products?

The quality and aesthetic of Canvas Club products are ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . They go well with any outfit. I also love the color selection and how minimalist they are. The pockets and compartments are one of the best features too!

Where do you usually take your Canvas bag?
I usually take it for a coffee shop date on days when I need a different work environment. I like how I don’t need to carry other bags because my Basic Canvas can carry it ALL. 💪🏽

How do you make your Canvas yours?

I like my Basic Canvas bag… well, basic. I love how simple yet stylish it is that I don’t even need to add anything. I love you just the way you are! 😉


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