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Meet Yanna

Yanna is a Multimedia Arts major in her third year at the College of Saint Benilde, and our latest addition to the Canvas Club! She expresses herself through design and her creativity. In her off-time, she enjoys going to the gym and café hopping!

From holding her gym supplies to joining her on trips to the mall, Canvas Club has become a part of her everyday life!

Yanna wearing the Basic Canvas in Beige

About Me

Yanna / 20 / Art Student

Describe a day in your life

I would use three words to describe my daily life: Gym, Cooking, and Work.

What’s your personal mantra?

You grow through what you go through.

Describe your personal style

Basic pieces, color blocking, vintage jackets, loose pants, and sweaters

Share a productivity hack/secret

For me, the most effective productivity hack I learned this pandemic was to wake up early so that you’d get more things done during the day.

Name an artist/band you would like to soundtrack your life

John Mayer

What’s your favorite Canvas item?
The Carry-All pouch. Its small enough to fit in my gym bag but at the same time big enough to carry all my personal hygiene necessities.

Yanna with the Carry-All Pouch in Coral as her gym companion

Yanna looking casual with the Mailman Sling in Navy Blue
Why do you like using Canvas products?

It’s easy to style, wear, and pair with daily ootds. It has super good quality and is very practical for everyday use.

Where do you usually take your Canvas bag?

I usually take my Carry-All pouch to the gym, and my Canvas bags to cafes or malls.

How do you make your Canvas yours?

I design them with pins and patches that represent my personality!

Canvas Club products featured and mentioned:


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