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Meet Yeddah

Meet this 24-year-old architect with an old soul, ready to take her Canvas on whatever journey she goes on. Yeddah's days mostly revolve around her work in construction sites, but she also shows a love for glam with her love for pink and always being fabulous.

Here, she talks about her day-to-day routines and how her collection of Canvas products play a part in her everyday life – even through the wear and tear of her adventures.

1. About Me

Name: Yeddah Llaneta

Age: 24

Profession: Architect

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @yddhllnt

Facebook: Yeddah Llaneta

2. Describe a day in your life

My day starts with waking up early preparing for work. Usually I prepare my things the night before work in my Canvas Club Basic Canvas in Choco. Since I work in a construction site, it is evident that a lot of dust will accumulate on my bag. I am that kind of person who brings a lot of stuff with them. Yep, that's me. So, it is important to have the most durable and spacious bag for me. Sometimes, I use my Basic Backpack in Black when I feel like bringing a backpack. Actually, my day goes on in an instant since I have a lot of work to do but since I am a person with a lot of stuff, the bag that carries them all is the most important thing to me.

3. Describe your personal style

I like to be fabulous all the time. I like pink so I only use things that leans onto that color or if it's neutral.

4. Share a productivity hack/secret

I think it's not a secret but the best productivity hack is to organize all your stuff and your schedule so it won't mess up. I'm a sucker for organizing stuff, even an event! So, I think it's best to write and arrange it all.

5. Name an artist/band that you would like to soundtrack your life

Choosing a specific artist is too hard for me since I like different kinds of bands and genres. I'm specifically an old soul, so anything from the 80s will do. Haha!

6. What's your favorite Canvas item?

It's ironic but my favorite Canvas item is my Casual Canvas. I have six Canvas Club merch but Casual Canvas is the most unused since it is in color beige. I so love it, I can't bare to see it dirty! Haha. I’m planning to collect darker colors.

7. Why do you like using Canvas?

I like using Canvas because it provides specific functions on my specific needs. I found the brand a long time ago when I was searching for a tote bag with bottle holder. Oh! Didn't I mention? I'm a lover of tumblers too. I have like 20 tumbler as many as my bags haha.

8. How do you make Canvas yours?

I like it personalized by putting some accessories or patch. <3


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