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Why the Easy Sling is Easily our Fave!

The Easy Sling, a recent addition to the Canvas Club collection, is your new go-to for an effortlessly cute addition to your every outfit. Not convinced? In that case, we’ve listed reasons why the Easy Sling is Easily a Canvas Club fave.

The adjustable strap makes it one of our most versatile pieces thus far. Wear it as a sling bag, wear it as a shoulder bag, maybe even wear it as a hip bag.

The Easy Sling’s design allows it to go with any look– whether that be classy, casual, chic, you name it! The Easy Sling is meant to be easy, so it makes for an easy grab on your way out.

The Easy Sling might be the little sibling of the Mailman Sling, but it’s just as functional! Its interior gives you the right amount of space to fit items like books and tablets– whatever you will need throughout your day.

The Easy Sling comes in a whopping 6 colors; Black, Navy Blue, Rust, Pine, Beige, and Yolk! If you can’t decide on a shade to pick, why not get them all?


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