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Canvas Club As Your Basic Go-to

If you can only have one bag to bring along every day, what will it look like?

canvas club basic canvas bag in beige
Basic Canvas in Beige

You would want that that it’s very functional. Booked and busy? It keeps all your essentials safe. Focused on the small and slow moments? It holds space for all the things you find along your way.

canvas club messenger tote bag in black
Messenger Tote in Black

It’s important that it can be as bare and basic to fit your best ideas. We like to think of our bags as blank canvases. You’re the artist and your art is ever changing, ever evolving.

Canvas Club Easy Sling
Easy Sling

Colors should be aplenty! Pick one or all that makes sense to you. Each day is a different color for a different story.

It’s true, every person needs a basic bag that can do it all, as you do too.

Let Canvas Club be your blank canvas. It all starts with you!


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