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It’s mini and it’s mighty—the Mini Bucket Bag!

canvas club mini bucket bag black rust beige

This size doesn’t compromise style. The Mini Bucket Bag, which comes in three fan-favorite colorways, brightens up any mood for any look!

canvas club mini bucket bag beige fashion

We think of soft days tucked in a neighborhood cafe’s fluffy couch. It’s almost like carrying a piece of the sky! That’s possible as you can fit just about everything into one Mini Bucket Bag.

canvas club mini bucket bag black fashion ootd

By day, it’s your on-the-go errand bag where it gets you where you’re supposed to be. By night, it transforms into something fit for your after-dinner plans. It’s sleek, clean, and classy. It’s the Mini Bucket Bag in Black, after all.

canvas club mini bucket bag rust fashion ootd

Sometimes it pays to paint a little color in your life. Why not add warmth to your wardrobe with a help from the Mini Bucket Bag in Rust? It’s the perfect travel buddy for sunny days ahead.

Take the three Mini Bucket Bags with you! Check out Canvas Club on Instagram Reels for more fitspirations for everyday.

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