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Why we’re loving The Scout – and why you should, too!

If space is what you look for, space is what The Scout has got. Name it and you can probably stash it all in this heavy duty backpack.

canvas club the scout backpack all colors

Comfort is our top priority. It's not a Canvas Club if it isn't comfy to wear!

Our friends put it to a test and can vouch how easy on the body and overall comfortable The Scout is on the first try. With padded adjustable straps, your adventure can last all day long with The Scout. No need to worry about comfort, you know we already put that in order.

More compartments mean more to stuff in! Ain't it handy!

Pockets everywhere! We even added a padded laptop sleeve with a velcro enclosure for your life on the web. Now, wouldn’t it be a Canvas Club bag without an inner pocket with a zipper and bottle holder to keep you hydrated while on-the-go?

It goes with YOUR style, however you want it.

We made sure that you can express yourself with The Scout. Sew onto it, clip on some mementos from your travels, or even keep it clean and neat as the first day you got it.

Perfect for all your chill and challenging endeavors.

There are two people in the world: the over packer and someone who's not. Take The Scout with you for all your casual strolls and challenging explorations!

It comes in four fun colors!

Black, Beige, Rust, and Pine Green. You won’t go wrong with any of our four fun fan-favorite colors. But it doesn’t stop there, keep on the lookout for another colourway dropping soon.

The Scout keeps all your valuables safe and secure.

Lastly, The Scout is all about keeping what matters to you most safe and secure. After all, that’s our promise as your everyday go-to bag.

Get to know The Scout! Available on our website and in-store at Frankie General Store.


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