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Casual days to wear the Casual Canvas

The Casual Canvas is an understated classic– a quiet but noticeable statement piece that goes with any outfit. If you’re not entirely sure when a good time would be to bring the Casual Canvas out would be, we’ve prepared a whole list of casual day ideas to spend with your bag.

1. A casual run to the bookstore

The Casual Canvas is the best companion for some light shopping. Feel free to get lost in a book, your Canvas isn’t going anywhere.

2. A casual hang out

Need a place to store playing cards? Some snacks to share? A gift to the host? Look no further.

(And, the bag is guaranteed to get a couple of compliments throughout the day.)

3. A casual yoga session

One does not need many items to get into the zone. The Casual Canvas will be enough to carry your essentials, along with spare clothes and a water bottle, so you can enjoy your flow.

4. A casual trip to the park

It’s high time to chill out and enjoy some fresh air and greenery. Take your Casual Canvas out on an easy stroll for a mental break.

5. A casual work date

Casually fit in your entire desk in the bag for a work day on the go. A café outing isn't complete without a cute tote bag.

6. A casual trip around the world

No need to stress over bringing dozens of different bags on your travels when you have your everyday go-to bag!


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