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Meet Bea

Bea is a dentistry student who expresses herself through singing. Her YouTube mostly consists of KDrama soundtrack covers and Kpop covers, so if those genres are up your alley, we would definitely recommend checking her channel out! She also uses her platform to speak about pressing issues like mental health.

Being a stuDENTista, Canvas Club has become a part of her life through keeping her things organized when she's on the go!

About Me

Name: Bea

Age: 20+

Profession: Dentistry student

Instagram: @thebeasanchez

Youtube: Bea Sanchez

Describe a day in your life

I’m a home buddy so I have to do household chores in the morning then the rest of the day would be probably editing, studying, reading, filming and checking emails.

What's your personal mantra?

All good things come to those who wait.

Your waiting season is your learning season.

Describe your personal style

I just wear whatever is comfortable for me as long as I look presentable – whether it be colorful or neutral – whatever boosts my confidence whenever I’m out of the house.

Share a productivity hack/secret

As someone who feels like she needs to accomplish a lot in life, TIME BLOCKING is the key. Similar to a to-do list, it really helps with productivity and keeps you on track throughout the day. Another one is TO LESSEN SCREEN TIME, scrolling through social media may take up so much time and it may be a distraction from the productiveness you could have done for the day.

Name an artist/band that you would like to soundtrack your life

Taylor Swift. I’ve been a Swiftie for as long as I can remember! She has been with me through different phases of my life and at least one of her songs could be associated with different situations and her music never fades.

What's your favorite Canvas item?

My Casual Canvas! :) I like how you could use it in two ways–a hand bag or a shoulder/sling bag

Why do you like using Canvas Club products?
It’s very lightweight and I can just bring it anywhere I go. It’s very spacious inside and there are pockets which I like a lot for putting the small items I have like my phone and purse to keep it organized. And with the various colors, you could match it easily with outfits!

Where do you usually take your Canvas Club bag?

Literally whenever I go out – mostly at the mall. You feel much more confident when you have a nice bag with you.

How do you make your Canvas yours?

I use it the way as it is! It’s simple yet stylish.

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