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Road Trip Essentials for your Next Summer Trip

Sun slipping through your toes and sunlight striking your eyes. You’re thinking how to spend your next getaway. Good thing the ever-reliable Messenger Tote is a road trip staple to keep your essentials within reach!

What is in your ludicrously capacious Messenger Tote?

Sunscreen to avoid the harmful UV rays.

The best thing about sunscreens nowadays is that it comes in different forms–lotions, sprays, gels, and sticks! It’s always a wise choice to find one that’s reef-safe.

Bottle… for hydration and caffeination!

Whether you’re the driver, navigator, or passenger, you’ll need your cup of choice to stay awake. Our biggest tote to date can keep yours safely secured.

Cash for the (multiple) stopovers.

Wherever your destination is, keep your good ol’ cash and coins at bay. You never know when cellular signal is out! The Messenger Tote has lots of pockets–two large outer pockets, large inner pocket, and small inner pocket. You’ll never have a hard time finding loose change again.

Wireless Speakers

Blast out tunes that set the vibe ‘til you set foot on your dream destination. Plus points if it’s a small, handy one that you can clip on your Messenger Tote whether you wear it as a sling, totebag, or a handbag.


Your choice of eyewear can come in different tints and colors! You won’t worry about matching it with your Messenger Tote as it comes in neutral tones that’s right for any situation.

These are just a few of our road trip essentials. Share us yours!


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