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Canvas Club Gift Guide


With its minimalist but extra functional design, the Basic Canvas is the perfect companion for your friend who loves to study in style. Its many pockets and laptop pouch is best suited for bringing your entire desk in one bag.


The Carry-All Pouch may be little, but it is mighty. Your mom would love this pouch because it comes with a multitude of pockets to carry all of her essentials (whether that be a stick of Vicks or medicines, just in case).


Our Taco Pouch is a great home for small trinkets you hold dear– may that be your friend’s airpods or lucky pennies.


Simple has never said so much as it does in our Casual Canvas. With the Casual Canvas’ lightweight but functional design, you could use it for work and bring it along for drinks after.


If you’re looking for one bag to last you a long time, this is the answer. The Daily Canvas is one of our most versatile pieces with extra functional design, so it’s not exaggerating to say this bag could be your one-for-all.


The Mailman Sling not only comes with a lot of space but also a lot of pockets! Gift your dad this bag and he’s bound to use it for any and everything– from his laptop to his new favourite hobby items.


We all have that friend who’s always on the go. One moment they’re in Siargao and the next they’re trekking mountains! The Basic Backpack is the perfect companion for this friend as it can carry a lot while still staying cute and stylish.

BONUS: Dedication Cards!

Make your gifts to your loved ones extra special by adding Canvas Club Dedication Cards to your online purchase.


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