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Canvas Club x Paper Pirate Introduces the Artist Tool Roll & Artist Fold

canvas club artist tool roll and artist fold brush and pens tool kit

Canvas Club x Paper Pirate Introduces the Artist Tool Roll & Artist Fold

Canvas Club is all about having a blank canvas for you to fill your adventures, art, and aspirationsyour own story. 

As such, we become artists who create our own worlds. The experiences we try to build throughout our lives, eventually, become the very colors we add to our blank canvas.

We all have our own unique stories to tell: different paths, different perspectives, different experiences. Difference is what sparks our creative curiosity.

Here at Canvas Club, we create with the goal to highlight your story. 

What’s your story to tell?

To kick off our creators series, we have collaborated with Paper Pirate, a multi-hyphenate artist, to launch the carefully curated Artist Tool Roll and  Artist Fold. 

paper pirate art. artist working, artist painting, paper pirate canvas club artist tool roll artist fold

How do artists fill a blank canvas? 

And how does Canvas Club fit in an artist’s day-to-day life? 

One of an artist's backbone are their tools. The tools are an extension of their skill, craftsmanship, and practice.

We meticulously worked with Paper Pirate to create not just an accessory fit for an artist, but a necessity built for function.

We put the actual artist in the front seat to make sure their concerns and challenges are dealt with, whether you’re cozily painting indoors or even wandering around on-the-go.

This is Canvas made for artists by artists. 

artist tool roll canvas club

canvas club artist tool roll for brushes paper pirate

The Artist Tool Roll has 13 pockets to fit your wet medium brushes for all shapes and sizes. Watercolor, acrylic, gouache, oil, you name it. Roll it up to close conveniently with a magnetic-type closure.

artist tool fold canvas club
canvas club artist fold for pens and pencils paper pirate

The Artist Fold can fit your pencils, pens, and accessories. It has two pockets on the side for your other tools. Fold it up securely with a magnetic-type closure. 

Both are made with high quality canvas fabric in Oat.

Our design is plain and simple—to give way for your inner shining artist to build your own story with it!


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